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Robert Carr founded and is the CEO of Beyond, a company that strives to simplify operations, reduce costs and streamline payments for business owners in a clear, transparent manner they can trust.

Give Something Back is a beneficiary of Beyond. By investing in the minds and futures of smart, capable young people, Beyond is building a well-prepared workforce and contributing to a growing economy – which creates greater opportunities for our customers and for our company.

New Book Release

Working Class to College examines growing distress among lower-income students who suffer repercussions of the ever-widening financial gap associated with college costs. The book highlights ways school counselors, teachers and parents can help students manage student loans and weaves in stories of hope and heartbreak among students and their families who are coping with hardship while desperately trying to get to and through college. Author Robert Carr also shares firsthand accounts of his own struggles as a working-class kid and how he pursued higher education to beat the cycle of poverty for his own family.

Give Something Back

In 2003, Robert Carr founded Give Something Back, which provides mentors and scholarships to give Pell Grant eligible students the opportunity to go to college and graduate in four years, debt-free. The charity has already prepaid for over 1,000 students to go to 14 colleges in five states, and continues to grow.

The Story of the Give Something Back Foundation (3:51)

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What Others Say About Robert:

“There is a cycle that needs to be broken and [Robert Carr is] helping to break that cycle.”

-Richard T. Smith, NAACP New Jersey State Convention President

“Bob’s passion for providing debt free college scholarships for first generation students is inspiring , and has  led other philanthropists to follow and support his approach.”

-Bob Niehaus, Give Back Donor

“It’s a rare man who acknowledges that his accomplishments are to be shared with others. Bob Carr is such a man. This is a special story about appreciation, success and giving back.”

–Peter Mallouk, Give Back Donor

“Bob Carr and Give Back are creating pathways for life success beyond a college degree for first generation students.”

-Jason Kirksey, Chief Diversity Office at Oklahoma State University

“Robert Carr’s personal experience is a truly inspirational tale of a working-class kid who beat the odds and succeeded in a remarkable way as a college graduate and entrepreneur with an unwavering dedication to pay it forward.”

-Eugene J. Cornacchia, PhD, President, Saint Peter’s University